We are a private group of professional handicappers and private sports investors our specialty is the five major sports (NFL, NCAAF, MLB, NBA & NCAAB) our private professional's are from all across the USA. Our group's goal is and will always be long term success in sports betting  just one game at a time.

Our Bet One Picks is not like most handicapping services where they give you multiple games to bet everyday, instead we as a team handicapp all the games and come out with one good strong play. We always encourage our clients to follow us with just one strong play a day for maximum profit, we as a private group taught ourself this is the only way to stay in the sports betting business.

Why Bet One Picks Is Different

Our private group of handicappers and investors have many different keys for long term success with information that is not always available to the public, as well as years, and years of data and analytics that go into every play we release as a team.

We have the top tremendous Private Winning Handicappers, plus we have the Smartest Sports Investors in the USA makes us a special winning team. At no point, do we release a BET ONE PICK without the full agreement of our full team . The BET ONE PICK Investors actually have action on these releases ourselves, so we have the same risk, that you have with every BET ONE PICK we release.

Here at Bet One Picks you won't find us at other websites, we are here as a team to beat the books together and you will not find us at any other website, we do not need other website's for help here at Bet One Picks. We work together right here and here only "One Play At  A Time"

Few More Important Things To Know

Your pick will be seen once you make and complete your purchase. The pick will also be emailed. Some over night picks are posted but some picks not posted until the game day. On the website homepage will show when a pick is ready and will show which game.If you see a pick pending and ready to purchase try not to delay due to line movements it could cost you. 

BetonePicks Website is run by a few of our specific sports handicappers & private investors any questions contact  us one of them will get to you soon as possible

Winning is hard. That's why Bet One Picks  has professional sports bettors with a proven edge. They share their winning plays and sound bankroll management strategies to help any Sports Predictor subscriber beat their bookie One Game at a time.


100% Honesty, Integrity

Make Sure Check Out Results Page Daily 

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